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Marshawn Lynch Reportedly Is Interested In Playing For The Patriots With Richard Sherman, Wait What?!


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Well lookie here! A NFL vet wants to play for the Super Bowl Champion and next years favorite? I have never heard that headline before! Who knows what Lynch still has left in the tank after retiring over a year ago, but you wanna know what? I would love to find out. Sign me up! Marshawn Lynch on the Patriots would be must see TV. Oh god would do I love this player, on and off the field. I mean this would be an amazing pick up by the Pats.

And that is not even the best part. Because…

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People Who Are Mad At Gronk For Joining The Match At WrestleMania Have A Huge Dump In Their Pants

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First of all, I just wanted to say that was awesome. Gronk was 1000% in his element last night with all those jacked up wrestlers. If he wasn’t made of glass I would think that the WWE would be a perfect place for him once he is done with Football. When I saw this clip last night, I thought it was hilarious and I thought that was a good sign that Gronk’s back is almost fully healed. He has gotten far from his walker days.

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