Which Dolly Parton Song Are You? Dolly Parton Wants to Know

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Have you ever wondered which Dolly Parton song you are? Well, Parton just created a quiz herself via BuzzFeed to tell you.

“When I write songs, I tell stories about things that have happened in my life or how I’m feeling at the time,” Parton writes. “Let’s find out which one is a perfect reflection of you.”

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The “BuzzFeed contributor” then asks readers what their go to accessory is for a fancy night out, favorite TV show, if you found $100 how would you spend it, how would you react if your boss tried to hit on you, how do you spend your Sunday morning, who is your favorite celebrity couple and what is your dream career.

To find out which Dolly Parton song you are, visit BuzzFeed.

Parton isn’t the first country artist to become a BuzzFeed contributor…

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