Kip Moore Dirt Road Lyric video

This song is the best song ever and Kip Moore’s voice is out of this world.I can realize to this song because when you are a kid you don’t like to go to church but you go because your mom makes you go with her you can’t understand what the preacher is saying till God has come to you. I couldn’t just set in my seat and listen to the preachers at church till God came to me one day but something it still hard to listen to When the preacher is just up there just piling up brush and not getting any where you. There are some churches that try to scare people in to joining I don’t think you should scare somebody in to join just let hem joining when they are good and ready. I think that what Kip is talking about in this song people that scare people in to joining church but I could be wrong but that is what I get out of it every when he told the story of  how the song came about and I got that out of it too. I just love Kip’s voice on this song I know put his heart and soul in to recording this song and recording the 2 Album too. I can’t wait for the 2nd Album to come out. I’ll talk to y’all later. 


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