My first Concert

My first concert was Sawyer Brown back in 1989  at the VA and KY fair it was a really good Show I always thought that Sawyer Brown was the lead singers name I didn’t know that Sawyer Brown was a Group that night I found out that the lead singer name was Mark Miller. Mark was singing one song and a miller land on his chest and Mark dance all over stage there was a lot people there. We had to way and watch the second show because there was too many to watch the first show. We had to wait in a long line to get in but it was worth it. There was a drunk man who got on the stage and chase Mark all over the stage now I’m wonder if it was all set up if it won’t he had to be drunk. It was one of the best concert Sawyer Brown got me started want to go to Country Concerts my mom won’t take me to see Mark Chesnutt the next year at the fair but I have been to many more scene than because we figure out to go early if you want to see him at the fair but they are not that many people there to see anybody at the fair. Sawyer was the biggest crowd at the fair. I can’t wait to see Aaron Tippin on June 3 at the VAKY fair 


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