Could Taylor Swift Be In The Upcoming Live Grease Musical?

I guess Taylor Swift has to follow in Carrie’s foot steps

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Fox is getting in to the live musical game. Following in the footsteps of NBC’s live broadcast of The Sound of Music, they will be doing a live broadcast of Grease in 2015. While NBC had Carrie Underwood as the lead role in their live musical, Fox hasn’t announced who they have chosen to play the characters of Sandy or Danny.

Websites have already been speculating on who they want to see in the lead roles. E! Online and Perez Hilton have already weighed in on who should play the main roles and the same names are popping up. Taylor Swift seems to be the hands favorite to play Sandy and Zac Effron playing her opposite.

Zac Effron told E! Online that it would be “big shoes to fill. I think I came as close to it as you could in High School Musical.”

We’ll have to wait and…

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