Carrie Underwood See you again

Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood’s see you again has taken on a different meaning when my aunt died in a car wreck July 9 2013. We found out on Facebook that she was her I was thinking they have to be wrong it was not her. My mom called my granny and papaw to ask if it was really her and my papaw said it was her and my uncle was flew out. I was in shock all that day and the next morning. I was Carrie Underwood’s see you again and it got my out of the shock was in of losing my aunt in a really bad way. Me and my mom had to go get gas in the Jimmy We didn’t want to go but We had to. We was getting close to where the wreck happen and my mom said we can listen to the radio but keep it turn down I turn on the radio and turn the channel and there was Carrie’s I see you again on the radio. We pass by the place it happen and my chest start hurting and I was cried I was thinking that my chest was hurting because I was crying so hard. The song give me hope that I’ll see my aunt again in Heaven and all the another family members We lost. We got our gas in the jimmy and some food to eat and We was on our way home We had to go pass the place it happen again going by it made the whole thing real made me know that it really happen it’s still hard to believe it happen but it did. When We went by it the second time it didn’t make my check hurt I had my mind on that Chris Young aw naw was on the radio it’s a good song but it don’t help me with this tough time. So Carrie’s see you again is the song help me to get Through this hurting in my heart. I hope everybody has the mind to pray for my uncle my family. I’m going to leave you with this life is to short tell the people you love that you love them because you don’t know when they will be taken away from you. We don’t know when We are going to leave this crazy world One person know and it’s God.


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